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Somatic Therapy Washington Oregon

"Healing is entering with mercy and awareness into those areas we have so long withdrawn from in fear and judgment."
                                              -Stephen and Ondrea Levine

Feeling seen, heard, and understood fully can be transformative. First Light Wellness seeks to create a space where your story and experiences are validated and honored. I believe healing occurs when every aspect of yourself is welcomed with compassion and curiosity.  

Caroline Petters LMFT

Areas we may explore

  • Creating and feeling safe in healthy relationships

  • Family dynamics

  • exploring cultural oppression

  • Listening to your intuition and body

  • Trusting your feelings

  • Exploring your LGBTQIA+ identity

  • Sexual pleasure and eroticism

  • Reconnecting to your body after labor or illness.

  • How to manage panic, anxiety, or numbness

  • Grounding and communicating with the 

         nervous system and body

  • Self identity exploration

  • Cultivating self compassion

  • Connecting to a spiritual or self care practice

  • Understanding and setting boundaries

  • Exploring relationships to care-givers

  • Positive parenting

  • Trauma


"There is no need to struggle to be free; the absence of struggle is in itself freedom."
-Chögyam Trungpa

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