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My approach is rooted in the belief that how we relate to ourselves mirrors how we experience life and develop relationships. Not many of us were taught how to compassionately attend to our critical thoughts, painful feelings, or impulsive behaviors. When we can begin to shift from judgment and avoidance of the parts of ourselves we may not approve of to curiosity; acceptance and healing can begin.


I work from a trauma-informed and client-centered lens. This means that I work collaboratively with my clients, but ultimately the pace and direction are dictated by the client. I utilize parts work, Polyvagal Theory, Art Therapy directives, Sex Therapy, and mindfulness and somatic-based practices, throughout my work. 

Currently, my practice is telehealth (video) only. I offer individual therapy for adults (18+). My work is rooted in somatic (in the body) modalities. I utilize Polyvagal Theory and Internal Family Systems. Additionally, I hold a systemic and client-centered lens. Please reach out for a free 20 minutes consultation to determine if we would be a good fit. 



  • $150 - Individual Session (50 min.)

  • $200 - Individual Session (80 min.)

I do not accept insurance at this time. However, I am an out-of-network provider and can provide superbills, for reimbursement from your insurance company, each month. I can not advise clients on their insurance reimbursement benefits, however, you can call your insurance company and ask what percentage of the billable rate they reimburse for out-of-network providers. 



I require a 24 hour notice if you will not be able to attend your appointment. If we can not reschedule within the week, you will be charged for the session.  Please email me if you are running late. I will wait on the telehealth link for 15 minutes past the start of the session, if you have not joined or emailed at this time, I will end the session. 


Please test your internet, telehealth link, camera, headphones, and microphone prior to your appointment to ensure technical issues will be resolved before the start of your session. To ensure confidentiality, establish a quiet and private space to have your session. If this is not possible, email me before your session and we can problem-solve together. 

To access appointments, documents, invoices, and superbills visit the client portal.