It's always darkest before the dawn.







  • Welcome to first light wellness!

    Take time to nurture YOU!

    As a Holistic Health Coach, I use natural approaches to healing, and what's more natural then getting out in nature, riiiiiight!? If walking in nature is challenging to fit into your already busy schedule, or we don't live in the same city, we can meet via video calls! Let's schedule a complementary 60-minute introductory session.

    Join a group of 6-8 people to connect in nature through meditation and hiking. You will walk, or hike, away with a sense of peace and a good ol' fashion workout of the body, mind and soul.

    How it works

    I practice a holistic approach in my coaching which means we will look at your life as a whole to uncover the areas that are not being fed. Primary foods (relationships, career, physical activity, spirituality) and Secondary foods (food that you put in your mouth) will be addressed as needed. We will set attainable goals each week to guide you during your process of growth and happiness!

    How to start

    Please reach out to start on your path to happiness! I will be your support and guide and will provide a safe space for you to share and be your true self. I promise.


    Let's get started! Woo Hoo!!! Who's awesome? YOU ARE!