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    Nurture yourself in nature.

    An amazing way to jump-start healing is through connecting with others also looking to make positive lifestyle changes. Trust me, you are not alone! I have done a lot of self-healing on my own, only to realize that the true healing comes from connecting to other like-minded souls and realizing that we are really all in this together. We need each other. And the biggest part of this equation is LOVE (you + me = LOVE…easy math!). Self-love is the most important form of love, and it becomes even deeper when you can reflect on others who are experiencing similar things and have compassion for their experiences. I promise that someone in this workshop will understand where you are coming from.


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  • January - March 2018 | Phoenix, AZ

    All workshops from 9:00am - 11:00am | Moderate difficulty | No hiking experience necessary



    Saturday January 13 | South Mountain

    Have you ever struggled with seeing the positive in a situation? Or in yourself? Those are rhetorical questions as I already know the answer. It can be challenging to see good in the seemingly bad scenarios we experience in life. Let's explore some ways to change your perspective on yourself and your life to be a happier you!


    Sunday January 21 | Thunderbird Conservation Park

    You can't truly love anyone else without first truly loving yourself! It starts within each of us. And it only takes a few minutes per day to give yourself some love! So, let's explore ways to get our self-lovin' on. Oh yeah!


    Saturday February 10 | North Mountain

    Our breath is our connection between the conscious and the subconscious. It is our life force. Yet so many of us forget that we are even doing it and how very important it is to our existence. So, let's breathe deep together!


    Sunday February 25 | Piestewa Peak

    Decided to change the "Change" (cause change happens, ya know) workshop to "Self-Love" as I feel guided to present this workshop again. It will be led by me and a dear friend and healer, Jordan Stejskal. Let's connect to the power of love! (and see above self-love description for a little teaser)

    Finding Your Truth

    Saturday March 10 | Lookout Mountain*

    Our families, environments, and other people in our lives tell us who and what we should be and do as we grow up. These influences over many years of life have disconnected us from our true selves. Good thing is it's possible to find YOU again, with a bit of work yes, but I promise you're still in there!

    *This is a Moderate/Difficult hike.


    Sunday March 25 | South Mountain

    A powerful and wonderful way to turn negativity into positivity is through gratitude! Let's be honest, there are millions, ok zillions, of things to be grateful for. Name 3 right now! GO! We will meditate on this and discuss how to incorporate gratitude into your every day. Who wouldn't want that?

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